Economical. Ecological. Equitable.

We are a renewable energy company developing BioEnergy projects and integrating clean technologies.

We replace the reliance on fossil fuels by producing BioGas for renewable electricity and transportation fuels, plus BioChar to nourish soil and improve water retention.

We are committed to bringing forth an energy transformation that regenerates the biological foundations on which our lives depend, shifting from oil to soil for a sustainable future.


Our mission is to accelerate the shift from an oil economy to a soil economy, igniting local project insight with commercial and innovative clean technologies.

We deploy best-in-class BioEnergy solutions that contribute to improving individual well-being, community resilience, and ecological health – all within a commercially viable business model that serves the triple bottom line – planet, people, profit.

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What We Do

Develop BioEnergy Parks™ to deliver sustainable, cost-effective waste & energy solutions

Design waste & energy systems to produce renewable, net-zero carbon electricity & transportation fuels

Create valuable byproducts such as organic fertilizer and BioChar

Integrate commercially available, innovative technologies for maximum efficiencies


BioEnergy replaces fossil fuels with renewable electricity & transportation fuels

BioGas for transportation eliminates 22 pounds of carbon per diesel gallon (EPA)

BioGas cuts greenhouse gases (GHG) 88 – 100% (Energy Vision)

BioGas has near zero carbon emissions on a life-cycle basis (CARB)

BioEnergy eliminates GHG emissions from waste streams

Methane is 34 times more potent as a GHG than CO2 (IPCC)

US landfills receive 30 million tons of food waste yearly which could produce 15 billion m3 of BioGas or 90 billion kWh of electricity (EPA)

BioEnergy replaces synthetic fertilizers with sustainable byproducts to rebuild soils

Organic fertilizers help nourish soils

BioChar sequesters carbon from the atmosphere in soil, as well as improving the ability of soil to retain water


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We are seasoned technologists, BioEnergy specialists, collaborative business practitioners, local- and impact- investors.

We cultivate wise waste-to-energy mix.

We build dynamic project portfolio for multiple sectors:

  • Commercial & Industrial
  • Agricultural
  • Municipal

We partner with academic leaders starting with Cornell and Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) to strengthen the knowledge base for BioEnergy innovation and deployment.

Tom McGrath, Co-founder

    Renewable energy has been in Tom’s sights since he was an undergrad at Cornell University. While pursuing his Anthropology degree, Tom was active in ENSOL, a solar energy collective. Graduate-level coursework in ethnographic film and in-depth film production classes propelled Tom into filmmaking. He worked behind the camera on major feature films, TV shows, music videos, commercials and documentaries, using cutting-edge cinematography, lighting design, and post production technologies. Tom founded a fast-paced production services company, capped with a successful career as a Director of Photography (DP), primarily in TV commercial projects around the world for top brands.
    As departmental manager, Tom was responsible for the planning and execution of complex schedules and multi-million dollar budgets in the creation of advertising content, in 35 countries. In one moment suspended between unpacking from filming a documentary in the tar sands region of Canada and heading off to shoot an exciting high-gloss commercial in the desert for an auto manufacturer, Tom collided with his own personal truth about the fossil fuel economy.
    Tom brings a creative entrepreneurial drive to renewable energy, focusing on Sustainability, Clean Technologies and Resource Recovery Systems. Tom is a Project Management Professional (PMP), has completed sustainable business study through Cornell's graduate program, and is certified as a Sustainable Resource Management Professional.
    Tom is Co-founder and CEO of ReSource BioEnergy Inc., a sustainable enterprise. Tom continues to pull together a dynamic team to design and deploy highly efficient BioEnergy solutions optimized for a sustainable future.

Chris Lindstrom, Co-founder

    Chris has devoted his professional life to sustainable business as an impact investor and as an entrepreneur. He serves on the David Rockefeller Fund, both as a rotating member of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee. The Fund's Environmental programs focus on the reduction of GHG emissions, energy conservation and sustainability.
    In addition, Chris has served on the Board of Directors of Slow Money, a national organization dedicated to “the transition from an economy based on extraction and consumption to an economy based on preservation and restoration.” Before joining Slow Money, Chris worked for the E. F. Schumacher Society from 2003 to 2008, spearheading the launch of "BerkShares," the "local currency" of Southern Berkshires in Massachusetts, widely referenced in international press as a model for communities world-wide. Chris helped form the Fund for Complementary Currencies—a funding circle that made grants to innovative complementary currency models. He has organized numerous conferences and events around the transformation of money and BioEnergy.
    Chris is Co-founder and Chief Visionary Officer of ReSource BioEnergy Inc. Chris lays out the vision for engaging with investors and technologists to successfully launch BioEnergy business and community-based solutions, targeting both innovative and Commercial-Off-The-Shelf technologies to fit the right projects.

Eileen Doohan

    Since her undergraduate work at the University of Colorado, Boulder, Eileen remains fascinated by the tension between technology and community - how community stakeholders absorb innovation and successfully adopt transformational technology. She paired degrees in macroeconomics Conflict and Peace Studies, and Software Engineering. She has led collaborative community/technology programs around the world, including:
  • Export Market Manager for collaborative art manufacturing in Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Peace Corps volunteer for community development programs in Fiji
  • Founder of non-profit on-line literacy games programming in Cleveland, Ohio
  • Program Management Chairperson for North American and Asian partnership project as a party to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) to develop global specifications for high-speed, broadband and IP-based mobile systems.
    Eileen has led product development, program management and market engagement campaigns for large and small companies around the world. Through friends met on ski slopes overlooking New Zealand's Lake Wanaka in the southern Alps, Eileen took an unexpected turn towards public / private partnership with introductions to the manager and founder of a hand-tufted wool workshop in the Arts Centre in Christchurch. Business development led to an award-winning flagship program with stakeholders from the New Zealand government, corporate (Mair Astley), fine art, and manufacturing sectors that continues to thrive over 20 years later.
    Her client and project pool has ranged from newly-minted start-ups in New Zealand and the US, all the way to Fortune Global 100 corporations such as Alcatel (Stuttgart, Germany), Daewoo (Inchon, Korea), Merrill Lynch (NYC, US), NEC (Tokyo, Japan), and US Steel (Pittsburgh, US). She has crafted internal and external collateral, including 'Red Herring' Initial Public Offering material, patents and patent analysis, technical standards and specifications, as well as customer & investor-facing material. Eileen is COO of ReSource BioEnergy Inc., helping navigate the dynamic terrain of BioEnergy opportunities underway.


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